About Us

Don’t Be Silent is a group of students based out of Berlin, Germany focusing on counter speech. We believe it is our job to empower the silent majority to speak up and act now. 

What we do

We have been developing different techniques to fight hate speech both on and offline. We have designed and implemented different social activities at Berlin Universities showing what hate speech is and giving others the chance to be empowered to fight it. We also focus on workshops where we offer different ways to empower people and educate them. Lastly we create media like videos and photographs to capture moments to teach the public ways to speak up and allow others to see what it is like to be hated on.


We have a video series called “Face the Truth” where we interview different people who moved to Berlin. Some call them refugees we like to call them “newcomers.” In this videos you can find out how people actually react to online hate speech and what you can do to stop it.

Be on the look out for our new photo series. We will tell stories of local Berliners who have encountered hate speech and what they did to stop it!